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Five Stars for Five Dollars: Buying Reviews, Reviewed

How To Get Tons of Amazon Reviews For Your Book (Or Product)

❶Will get on this with the quickness! Brilliant — I like that you can do this over time — 25 people a week is a doable number to contact.

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Why are online book reviews so important?

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Some do well with them, while the others are struggling hard to succeed. One of the most challenging situations is definitely to write an assignment. There are so many types of them and each has its own specific criteria. Moreover, there are many subjects, which are likewise complex in their own way. One of very interesting and at the same time, one of the most difficult assignments is to write a book review. At times, it is really something interesting to do, as one can describe his or her feelings concerning a book.

The invention of the book is one of the best inventions in the entire history of the humankind. Some students are really lucky when they are to write reviews on their favorite books. Commonly, such works turn into real masterpieces.

Notwithstanding, there is another side of the medal. Some students are not able to complete as it is required even if they liked the book they have to write about. Some may not have a talent of a writer or do not know how to put the things together. The others may not be able to meet the needed style and format or simply lack time.

Besides, the criteria of the college, high school, and university tasks differ. It is my pleasure! I am sooo happy you can us it. And I agree it is not gaming… it is simply a system that brings results. Thanks so much for sharing this: I understand how you felt when you considered packaging the info for sale but I am so glad you opted to share.

I hope this method is a useful tool for getting you the much deserved exposure. Wishing you a wonderful success, Stephanie. Mike, very useful info and I hope to use it as my ebook on how to sell technology services comes out.

Did you find that the Amazon reviews contributed to speaking engagements and more clients for you? Raj — When it comes to speaking engagements and clients, I have found that it is near impossible to judge. But I have a theory that it adds to credibility.

Meaning that the need for customers people to take action we seek social proof. The social proof gives us confidence. So, when I am considered for a speaking engagement I think people, on occasion, may take a quick peak at my books on line. The more they see in reviews, the more confidence they may have in booking me. You did the right thing sharing your system.

My only reservation about it is in Steps 14 and 16 I think the gratitude is a bit over the top. Dial it back just a bit. Otherwise, good luck; with all your hard work you will no doubt succeed.

Marcy — Thanks for pointing that out. I have the tendency to show too much appreciation. And it ultimately comes across as insincere. I appreciate the honesty and hope you can use the system! This is a practical system. Thank you for your generosity of sharing with us. I have not applied it yet, but will certainly do. Truly wish that I had known it earlier. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

I also look forward to learning the other systems that you had developed…. Thanks for reading TPE!!!!!! I hope you do get a chance to check it out at some point. Between the two, I must admit Pumpkin Plan is my personal favorite. Are you ready to sell those? But I have found a new an additional ways for getting reviews.

I need to work on putting that together and posting it. That is absolutely correct. This will get you many reviews, but of course are less credible even though they are totally legit than the Verified Purchase ones.

I have a process I have developed for that. I just need to get myself to writing the article for the process… it is a few additional steps. Hey JD — That is correct. Verified purchases are absolutely more valuable and there are a few ways to get there. One method is once you get someone interested in reviewing your book, that you gift it to them through amazon meaning you need to pay for it. I have another method, that is extremely powerful in getting verified reviews without needing to seek out people to do reviews.

I am going to write a post on the process sometime soon. I have found that my new process, running in parallel with the one I shared in this post… has brought in a consistent stream of reviews — some not verified purchases, by most of them are verified purchases that the review bought on their own.

Nice article Mike, thanks for sharing. If anyone would like their nonfiction book reviewed, please get in touch Twitter darrenstock Is there a way to send the product to the reviewer as a gift on Amazon and then have them directly review it and show up as Verified Purchase. Do you know if this can be done.

I would appreciate any tips you have for this. Hi Marie — There is a way that I have discovered. A lot of people have asked me…. Come back, I promise to have it up in the near future. Just a reminder — your method to getting Verified Purchase reviews on Amazon? Also, here is the link to get reviewers information if you want to send them the product to be reviewed. I tried this process, but my results were poor for one reason. STEP 4 is impossible. As far as I can tell, Amazon gives no contact information for any of their reviewers.

After a half hour, I got exactly zero email addresses and gave up. Jim — You need to do some research. Hope on google and search for the persons name and location and any other information. Yes it is time consuming for sure. I have another approach that I am using with even more success and will write the article by this fall when I have some time to document it all. I have scheduled my KDP Select free giveaway.

I was thinking of collecting email addresses of potential reviewers and scheduling a separte email to each of the on the first day of the giveaway. It would ask for their review and encourage them to download the Kindle version for free. I could also offer to mail them a print copy if that helps.

I was searching for ways to get reviews for my new products skin care — competitive and very based on reviews …. Your email address will not be published. Unlimited Real, Legit Amazon Reviews Being that I am an, admittedly, relatively unknown author of business books, it was clear that I needed to show credibility immediately. You Need Social Proof As an author of a book or a manufacturer of a product the more I can show prospects that others have read my book and had a favorable experience, the more likely they are to buy a copy for themselves.

STEP 2 Find reviewers 1. For each distinct book, click on XXX customer reviews to see the reviews. STEP 4 Find reviewers 1. STEP 5 Find reviewers 1. STEP 6 Find reviewers 1. Then do for the next Author in the list. Tip Of The Iceberg So there you have it — my method to getting tons of Amazon reviews for you book or product. Thanks for sharing that…. That is great Brian. You are amazing brother… thank you for sharing it. Keep us posted on how well or not well it does.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I in fact had a recent reviewer give me a 2 star who got the book from me using this method.

Tony — You can do it with an ebook! Assuming it is listed on Amazon, obviously. Heard about your upcoming teleseminar. I plan to listen in! I guess most of the responses to this article are from a free copy of something? Am I missing something? Does my idea work? Has anyone done it? A ton of value, and you have a new follower in moi. Hi, Did you release your way of getting verified reviews yet?

I actually a putting the finishing touches on it now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Never miss Anything from Mike.

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