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We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. All a customer needs to do is go to our site and follow the prompts to register for a free account. To protect the interest of the consumers, Indian Standard Institution is serving in India. In most of the western countries, consumers nave formed their own associations to protect their interest. In some countries these associations, receive official support and guidance.

I, serves the consumers through Certification Marks Scheme. Under this scheme I. I, has been vested with the authority to grant licenses to manufacturers to apply the I. I, mark on their products in token of their conformity to the desired Indian Standards. To control the quality, I. I, inspectors carry out sudden inspections of the factories of the licensee. Inspectors may check the incoming raw materials, outgoing finished products and may carry out necessary tests at different levels of control during production.

I, mark gives guarantee to the purchaser that the goods with this mark have been manufactured under a well-defined system of quality control. From first April it has been renamed as Bureau of Indian Standards. Inspection is a process of sorting good from a lot. Whereas Quality Control is aimed at prevention of defects at the very source, relies on effective feedback system, and procedure for corrective action.

In Quality control programme, inspection data are used to take prompt corrective action to check the defects. For this purpose, detailed studies are conducted to find out that from where the defect is originated, and how to prevent it, may it be at manufacturing, design, purchase of raw materials, despatch or storage stage.

Quality products can be produced only when all the departments fully participate and co-operate. Presently, customers demand for higher quality and reliability. It has been felt that even a single defect whatever may be the reasons, result in economic loss. This is necessary for quality assurance and reliability of the product. This assures the continuous failure free system to the customers. Formulate plans for quality improvement, quality motivation and quality awareness in the entire organisation.

These are due to lack of knowledge of the product, and continue due to lack of information about quality deficiency. Such mistakes can be controlled, if a system for feedback is developed in which quality performance results are analysed in a regular and timely manner. These errors are due to lack of knowledge, skill, technique etc. Quality motivational programmes are developed for getting quality product from the line staff so that they take interest in improving the quality.

Operators are motivated by designing a campaign to secure alertness, awareness and new actions, and by observing the managers for their behaviours or reactions on any quality problem.

Campaign can be launched through mass meetings, quality posters, exhibition of quality deficiencies etc. The good economic performance is the most essential for survival and growth of any organisation in the highly competitive environment. Everybody in the organisation must be involved in the production and delivery of quality product or services, consistently to meet the customer needs and satisfaction. After answering all these questions positively, and making the decision to implement quality assurance.

We can start in general way by identifying the tasks, processes or systems critical to the business and writing clearly a guidelines and instructions for employees. Use a guidelines and instructions for training and day-to-day reference. For processes and systems covered will basically reduce: However, you can also take this general principle of clearly documenting tasks, systems and processes to the next level, by using ISO , which is related to quality management systems and to help organizations assure that they meet the right needs of clients and other stakeholders, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product.

We could also establish another appropriate quality assurance system code as a model to cover all aspect of quality, using formal discipline for controlling information accuracy, and reviewing and improving systems. A specialist needs to test and use almost all items you buy. In United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA , the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal and states regulatory agencies have instituted rules and regulations regarding manufacturing practices and products.

In large measure, it is the responsibility of the quality assurance department to maintain compliance with these regulations. After all, companies using quality assurance get benefice from it. Improving work processes and efficiency will definitely enable to better compete with other competitors and increase earnings.

The principle is, once a hypothesis is negated, beginning and implementing the cycle again will further extend knowledge, bringing about perfect output and operation within the company. In the other hand, quality control is similar to, but not identical with quality assurance. Then the extent of quality control actions must be determined — for instance, the percentage of units should be tested from each lot.

After that, the real-world data must be collected — the percentage of unit that fail, and the result should be reported correctly to the management personnel. Next, the corrective actions take place and decided upon and taken — defective units must be repaired or rejected, and service repeated at no charge until the costumers are satisfied.

In some companies, if too many failures or instances of poor service happen, the plan must be devised to improve the production process and then that plan must be put into action. However, quality control process must be ongoing to assure the remedial effort by producing satisfactory results, and immediately detecting recurrences or new instances of trouble.

The quality of product or service is ensuring if proper designing process is followed. Quality control also ensures error and defects are prevented and finally deleted from the process of production.

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Essay # 1. Meaning and Definitions of Quality Control. Quality control in its simplest term, is the control of quality during manufacturing. Both quality control and inspection are used to assure quality.

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Another thing that makes so popular among the plethora of students who come to us for assistance each year is the fact that we completely eliminate any risk that might be inherent in doing business with our competition. Quality and Pricing in Business - The selection of vendors and suppliers is very important to the company’s sale of ever product. The products that are brought in by the vendors is an important aspect of how the overall quality of the business is.

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Essay on the Importance of Product Quality Article shared by Quality of the product is one of the most important characteristics that determine demand for the product and is of strategic importance for the economic health of companies as well as countries. Quality Management in Companies - Essay Sample. Introduction. Quality Management (QM) in companies ensures that every action needs planning, development and application leading to valuable services, professionalism and respect to company’s structure.