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Is Dance A Sport Term paper

Dance Is a Sport

❶In addition to being injured, forty percent of dancers from small ballet companies and fifty percent of dancers from large ballet companies will miss performances due to injury.

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What appears to be a simple ballet barre routine is actually not simple at all. The amount of energy that goes into making the movements look effortless is just as high as the energy needed to score a winning touchdown.

Those who have never danced before are unaware of how much strength and endurance is needed in order to perform well. Many professional dancers practice for more than six hours a day and many dance teams practice for more than twenty hours a week in order to perfect and synchronize their movement.

USA Today reported that many football players have said they practice on average about Dancers suffer from life altering and career threatening injuries just like athletes do. The article reported that eighty percent of professional dancers will be injured at least one time in their career. In addition to being injured, forty percent of dancers from small ballet companies and fifty percent of dancers from large ballet companies will miss performances due to injury.

Just like athletes, if you cannot perform, you do not get paid. Although dance may be considered old-fashioned - should dance be excluded from being classified a sport? After surveying a group of fifty of my peers on their perception of dance as a sport [View Appendix 1 - survey template], I found the following results. Forty-seven out of the Fifty people surveyed have been involved in a dance of some type.

Most of those who had had danced at school for educational purposes. The debate of whether dance should be an Olympic sport or not was a fairly even split between Agree and Disagree. Thirty-seven of the people surveyed agreed that dance is classified as a sport. These responses are close to what I had expected. However I thought that there would be far more people who believed dance is NOT a sport.

Some opinions linked with appendix 2 Is dance a sport? YES, especially ballet, tap etc. I personally disagree with this statement because I don't believe that ballet, tap and other types of stage dances should be considered a sport just because they are 'hard work'. An activity cannot be classified as a sport simply because it involves physical exertion. Stage dances, I believe are intended mainly to entertain an audience.

Yet, this does not exclude them from being classified as a type of sport, as many sports are mainly spectator sports e. Also, Ballet and tap etc. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about?

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Dance is a Sport Essay Words | 4 Pages. Dance is a Sport Dance is a unique sport because it combines the grit and sweat of sporting events, such as track and field, with the style and extravagance of a fashion show (, ). With such an atypical style, dance can be found in various forms.

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Dance is a sport, whether it is recreational or competitive. I agree with this statement as it applies to many sports as well as dance. An individual may participate in dance in many different ways, whether it be recreational, artistic, or competitive.

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International Style Dance sport comprises:a Standard Section, a Latin American section,a Ten Dance section consisting of 5 standard and 5 Latin dances, and a Rock 'n' Roll Section. Dance sport is performed at both professional and amateur levels. Dance is a sport because it takes strength and endurance, it is competitive, and it requires a lot of personal time and dedication. First, dance is a sport because to participate in a sport or dance one must be in excellent physical condition.

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Argumentative Essay -Dance Is a Sport This essay Argumentative Essay -Dance Is a Sport is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database/5(1). All one commonality; sports. But, there is one disregarded physical activity that is typically forgotten when it comes to the realm of sports- dance. However, dance is a sport, for many reasons. First, Dance is a sport because along with other sports, dancing involves physical exertion and requires skill. It is known fact that when athletes perform a physical activity, such as a sport, they work hard, become sore, and .