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Biology Research Proposal: Guidelines and Examples


❶The Taylor and Van Dyke procedure is specifically for the staining and clearing of small fish and other vertebrates.


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It is this deficit of knowledge with regard to miniaturization in fish that prompts this research. How does miniaturization affect other vertebrates, such as fish? There are over 85 species of freshwater South American fish which are regarded as miniature, spanning 5 orders, 11 families and 40 genera Hanken and Wake It lives in shallow water bodies in the rainforests, where miniature size is necessary.

Males in this species reach approximately 8cm, and females only 5cm. In this senior honors thesis, I intend to examine the effects of miniaturization on cranial morphology of A. In this thesis, I will compare the cranial anatomy of A. The Convicts will be examined at various stages in development, from juvenile to adult, and will be compared to A. The first part of this project will involve whole mount preparation of A.

This procedure involves the use of Alizarin Red and Alcian Blue to stain bone and cartilage, and takes into account the adaptations and recommendations Proposed in an earlier paper Hanken and Wassersug The Taylor and Van Dyke procedure is specifically for the staining and clearing of small fish and other vertebrates. First, the specimens will be placed serially into an absolute ethyl alcohol solution and stained with Alcian Blue.

The unwanted soft tissues will then be cleared using trypsin powder, and then stained in KOH again with alizarin red. Following the above preparation of the specimens, the crania of the A.

The project is estimated to cost no more that five hundred dollars for chemicals and supplies for the entire year. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society London Journal of Morphology Hanken, James and David Wake, Miniaturization of Body Size: Origanismal Consequences and Evolutionary Significance. Annual Review of Ecological Systems Interface Areas in Small Fish. You can also suggest further research topics.

Make sure that you include a short list of references after your conclusion. How does temperature effect the development of water dragons? Development of the nervous system in XYZ Bio-fabrication of a sea shell Study of the sponge genome Are their costs to being an athelete? The effect of different gas concentrations on animal development The effect of temperature on reptile egg development Host and parasite co-evolution models Thermal biology or vertebrates Thermal biology in invertebrates Infections in spiders and other insects The ecology of forest fires How does the environment affect the immune system of different species Cold water pollution and its effect on fish Evolution of animal venom Dealing with invasive alien species The effect of plastic in our oceans The effect of school environmental education programs The effect of climate change on plant species Agriculture vs.

Alternatives to appraisals for judging performance How to model endangered species Conservation planning Effect of zero gravity on agriculture Sexual communication in insects How to evaluate policies on land use How do the carbon markets affect biodiversity and conservation Anti-viral response in different insects Endosymbionts host manipulation Genetic development of sterile male mosquitos Evolutionary biology and statistics What genes affect sexual behavior and choice The effect of diet on longevity The evolution of chromosomes in insects Dynamics of wind dispersal for insects Insect plant interactions Development of suspended animation Evolution of antibiotic resistance Sperm competition Are genetically modified foods safe?

The use of designer genes in plants What affects shoot architecture The development of acid tolerant amphibians Egg size and survival in caterpillars What is the next step in our evolution? Effective control of weeds. Please accept our Terms. Your message has been successfully sent! We will get back to you soon. Quote request PhD proposal outline Perfect formatting Proper referencing Title and bibliography pages Plagiarism report.

Remember me next time. Most researchers need guide material to write a good dissertation proposal. There is a defined Research Proposal Format that you should follow when writing your research papers.

Biology is a very wide subject so you should decide first whether you want to write Botany or Zoology. These two categories are still very large for your paper. You need to select one particular aspect from either category as dissertation writing requires good academic writing. It creates an impressive impression so you cannot afford to commit any mistake here.

The format of the project may vary depending on the style required by your Instructor. This is the page after the cover page. Here you express your gratitude and thank all the people who have supported you while writing the research paper. Be precise and express your gratitude in a conventional tone. This is a short synopsis of your project. A research paper abstract is normally around words summary of the complete written paper.

The abstract must be short and complete. This will guide your readers where to find the specific pages of your writings and diagrams.

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Biology Research Proposal Writing Help. Most researchers need guide material to write a good dissertation proposal. There is a defined Research Proposal Format that you should follow when writing your research papers.

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This article will give you the guidelines on how to write a good research proposal. Furthermore, if you lack idea's for writing a research proposal in the field of Biology/Life science, you will find many idea's in this article which you can use to write a project proposal of your own.

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Research Proposals Make You: OUTLINE steps in your proposed research THINK through your experiments Be CREATIVE (and you can use parts of it in your FINAL PAPER). Research proposals in the D-BIOL must meet certain criteria regarding form and content. Including title page they have a maximum length of five pages (about words) and are built up as follows.

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Senior Honors Thesis Research Proposal. Albert B. Ulrich III Thesis Advisor: Dr. Wayne Leibel 11 September Introduction: Neotropical fish of the family Cichlidae are a widespread and diverse group of freshwater fish which, through adaptive radiation, have . Sample student biology research proposal (P. Pazos & P. Hirsch ) Sample student biology proposal with annotations about content and writing style.