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Yellow journalism

Assessing the Current Marketplace

❶This might be true for countries with a well-developed Computer Assisted Legal Research system such as the United States , where legal researchers are often able to conduct their research mainly via the online library.

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Introduction to Evaluating Websites
Why evaluate?

For most residents, any one of the local English language daily newspapers will do a reasonable job of keeping you informed of UAE related news - at least about things like rainy days and flooded roads, who won the football, upcoming events, changes in visa rules sometimes , opening ceremonies for letters and other items of significance, traffic accidents thankfully they've stopped the bizzare "Accident of the Week" competitions , random court cases, drug crimes, and so on.

Otherwise, the UAE is relatively tolerant when it comes to news access on the internet even Israeli newspaper website access was freed up in , or buying overseas publications.

There are very few, if any, news sources that are not accessible online. The Gulf News published an editorial by their Abu Dhabi Editor, Abdullah Rasheed, entitled The ceiling of press freedom in UAE is falling , in which he highlighted issues of restrictions on press freedom in the UAE - Press freedom is deteriorating and freedom of expression is in increasing danger.

Update 16 August WAM report: Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai, speaking at a press conference at Zabeel Palace affirmed that the authorities in the UAE did not impose any restrictions on information or news about economic and financial issues.

He was quoted as saying " My directives to these authorities are clear and beyond any questioning as we rely on candour and transparency. We strongly believe that media is the mirror of the nation.

It has a noble message to disseminate and to enlighten the public, away from exaggeration, bias and distortion of facts. Media is the nation's voice. The sun cannot be blocked by a sieve, ".

Update 16 March WAM report: Shaikh Mohammed highlighted the UAE's policy in this matter, which offers the freedom of movement, work and opinion to local and foreign journalists. He stressed that this policy stems out of the faith of the country's leadership in the role of the media in conveying the image in a clear and transparent way by holding the mirror against all the happenings across the economic social, cultural and political landscape without bias or dictation. The letters page is often a popular source of conversation amongst expats, many of whom probably look at the letters before reading anything else in a Dubai newspaper.

The Gulf News was the most talked about, at least until 7 Days came along and introduced a whole new level of eyebrow-raising letter writing - there are rumours that some of them are written in-house. Generally Letters to the Editor appear to deal with the same subjects repeatedly. Saturday 15 September UAE. Daily newspapers in the Dubai and the UAE.

List of magazines in Dubai List of radio stations in Dubai Newspapers in Dubai - complain, correct, comment, ask questions about this page in the forum. The National newspaper Abu Dhabi - new in daily English paper. Related websites new window dubaimedia. Sometimes interesting but mostly a platform for someone called ' Anonymous ' to demonstrate their familiarity with English expletives.

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