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Simple DIY Steps on How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoots

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❶It should look something like a small cardboard paper towel roll.

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In other words, if you were holding the gun up to shoot, the extra 3cm would point back at you. This is going to be the "trigger tube" of the gun. Glue the two long, 15cm tubes together, then attach them to the top of the gun. This is the barrel of your pistol, so it needs to point away from you, of course.

Line up the back of the barrel with roughly the center of your handle, then hot glue it in place. Roll two thinner paper tubes. This time, don't worry about there being a space.

Roll up some paper it is nice if you can use a different color into round tubes just a bit thinner than your first set. These new ones need to be able to slide in and out of the older tubes. To get them thinner, roll them without the guide. You should also cut off the last " triangular inches of paper as you're rolling the tubes to decrease the thickening paper in the center of the tube.

Bend a thin tube into a U so that it slides into the trigger tube and the top tube of the handle. The bend in the U is on the barrel side. This will be your trigger -- when you pull the trigger back, this little extra bit should pop out the back of the trigger chamber. Make sure that the tube can slide freely back and forth. This is your trigger, after all. Optional -- make a trigger guard with another thin paper tube.

Bend the tube into an S-shape, flattening the curvy parts as needed. Slide one end of the paper into the second highest tube of the handle right below your trigger , letting the curve in the "S" become a little trigger guard. Hot glue the leftover tube to the bottom of the barrel and cut off any excess. Flatten a thin paper tube with your fingers, then use it to "close off" the back of the handle. This tube should be flattened into a long, thin rectangular strip.

You then hot glue it to the back of the handle, curving it around the front and under your trigger guard, if you have one. The goal is to close off all of the unnecessary openings in the tubes on the handle of the gun, but the essential one to close is the one right behind the trigger. DO NOT close up the trigger chamber. This needs to be open to load and fire the gun. In the end, you'll create an "outline" of sorts of the bottom of the gun. This is why using another color looks so good.

Take the spring out of an old pen and place it in the top tube of the barrel. Remove the trigger, and put in the spring so that it presses against the outline tube. This will allow your trigger to spring back automatically after you shoot the gun. Make the rubber band trigger and firing mechanism. Fold a piece of origami paper in half twice, forming a long, thin line of paper. Roll this line into a squat tube.

Secure the tube with a single piece of scotch tape and trim down the sides to smooth them out. This should look like a tiny toilet paper roll. Take your scissors and cut the tube open. Then, take your rubber band and place it inside the tube. You should now have a small, squat paper roll with a rubber band running through it. This is the trigger of your gun.

Slide your rubber-band trigger into the bottom tube of the barrel. Cut the ends so that, with the rubber banded end as close to the back of the barrel as you can get it, not part of the tube pokes out of the front of barrel. Hook the rubber band up to the front of the barrel, so it is notched between the two tubes. Make sure the back of the trigger rests right at the opening of trigger chamber.

When you pull the trigger back, the bit of tube that pokes out unhooks the trigger, which releases the rubber band and shoots your bullets. Load and shoot your paper bullets. Now, your gun should shoot.

Roll bits of origami paper into small balls. Place a ball into the end of the gun opposite the handle and trigger, and hook the rubber band up. Pull the trigger to release the rubber band, shooting the trigger tube forward and firing your bullets. The ball should shoot out of the gun. Prepare two strips of paper, folding them into long, thin strips.

To start making an origami gun, you'll need to prepare two sheets of paper. Take a large rectangular sheet of origami paper. Fold it in half and tear it into two smaller, wider rectangles. You will fold each smaller sheet using the following process: Fold the rectangle in half from top to bottom, creating a smaller, narrower rectangle.

Then, unfold the paper. The paper is now in two halves. Fold one-half inward, so the end of the paper lines up with create. Then, fold the other half inward, so the end of the paper lines up with crease. The two ends of the paper should meet at the crease of the paper.

You should have a long, thin strip of folded paper. Fold one strip into a horseshoe Take one strip of paper and fold it in half from end to end. The crease at the center of the strip should divide it into two halves. Fold the end of the right half at a degree angle. Then, fold the other half into a degree angle. The paper should look something like a small paper horseshoe. Place the strip to the right of your center line. Then fold the "arm" of the horseshoe right where it meets the thin strip in the center.

Refold the arms of the horseshoe so that they angle diagonally inward. Keeping the fold starting in the same place, re-angle the horseshoe so it looks a bit like a squared teardrop.

There should be a nice triangle in the middle. Fold the triangle shape in half, then press it together to get a flat "handle" shape for your pistol. It will be a bit like a lower-case "L," with a long strip and slight curvy bit at the end. You should also fold your long, thin strip of paper in half too.

Entwine the other strip with the first by pushing the ends of the strip into the openings in the handle. Things can get a bit tricky here, so go slowly. Take your second strip of paper and fold it in half from end to end. You will be inserting this strip into the handle: Pull the handle apart slightly. The bent down portion should have two small openings.

Feed either end of the second strip through these openings. Keep pulling until the two strips are forming a wide angle of roughly degrees. The two ends of the strip will form the "barrel" of the pistol. Adjust until your gun has a trigger, then staple the handle and barrel to keep the paper from moving. You should now be able to see the outline of a gun. There should be a small folded strip of paper hanging out just underneath the gun's barrel. Pull down on this strip of paper gently, until it hangs down below the gun.

You should now be able to bend this handle in and out like a trigger. This is where you "load" the gun. Place it roughly in the center of the diagonal "trigger" of the gun. You may need to cut twice -- once through the barrel and once through the opening underneath.

If you do, try and stagger them a bit to make a "hammer" on your gun, or the small lever you see people pull back before shooting in movies. This little extra notch will help hold the rubber band in place. Make sure there is a deep enough notch to hook a rubber band bullet onto. Cut a small notch in the barrel of the gun. This just needs to be big enough to hold a rubber band on the other side.

This video will show you how to cut, fold and tape to creative a wonderfully easy paper wallet, complete with pockets. This is a completely functional wallet! Want to show off using the fancy flames of magicians?

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Not only can kids be as creative as they In this video, we learn how to create an easy origami paper rose. First, take a piece of paper and fold it into a square. After this, unfold it and then reverse the fold the opposite way. Now, take the middle of the paper as you are folding and make a square out of it.

This is an arts and crafts project that is sure to be used in classrooms all over. It's easy to do and can be achieved by children as young as 5. This tutorial uses an old toilet paper roll to make a cool looking bumble bee. Sure, there are other origami fish tutorials out there, but they're usually either difficult and long, or short and unsatisfying. Find the perfect medium with this origami video. You just need one sheet of origami paper, like most paper folding projects, and the instructions i Perhaps not as easy as using a calculator, but easy nevertheless!

With mathematics, as with anything else, not everyone progresses at the same rate. Happily, in the age of Internet video tutorials, this isn't a problem. Those who progress quickly can go beyond what's being tau Looking to add a new specimen to your paper menagerie?

This free origami video lesson presents complete instructions on how to make a swan from folded paper. For more information, and to get started making paper swans yourself, take a look! Grow your paper garden as well as your knowledge of origami by making fun, decorative paper roses.

This video tutorial presents a complete, step-by-step overview of how to make paper roses using origami, the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. This video gives tips on how to make paper look antique in 5 easy steps. Step one is to smear the paper with the oil of olives. Step two is to place the paper in the microwave for more than 2 minutes. The video demonstration set the microwave at 2 minutes 30 seconds. Make a paper airplane with origami paper.

With this guide, you'll learn how to make a paper airplane using origami, the traditional art of Japanese paper folding. For more information, including a step-by-step overview of the folding process, as well as to get started making y In this video, you will learn how to make a wallet out of paper. First, you will need a piece of paper, a pen, a straight edge, and something to cut the paper. Place the paper on a flat surface. Fold the paper in half, hamburger style and unfold.

Fold the bottom half up to the These cute little flowers can make the perfect addition or accessory to a gift, scrapbook or other similar project. Start with a few pieces of designer paper and then follow these instructions to end up with a lovely five petaled paper flower. Here's an easy craft you can do with your children to make a patriotic Fourth of July paper hanger. All you need is some construction paper in red, white and blue, a pipe cleaner to serve as the hanger, a stapler or hot glue gun, and some scissors.

Lori Marie Johnson shows how to make an easy no-sew fabric portrait of your pet. Materials needed are a photo of pet, tracing paper, freezer paper, thin marker, scissors fabric ultrasuede, calico, or other lightweight fabric , double-sided adhesive, iron, disappearing-ink mar This is a quick and easy arts and crafts project to make yourself a new toy.

All you need are two sheets of paper, folded properly, to create a toy gun for your next game of cops and robbers. For really ornate tattoos, or for artists with limited skill, a transfer can be a life-saver. This how-to video shows how to transfer the desired image of a tattoo from a piece of paper that is easy to sketch on to the skin where it can then be traced with a tattoo gun. Do you like playing with those little popper things that you throw on the ground and they make a loud popping noise?

The ones that come in the box full of sawdust? Well those are for noobs. This video will show you how to make a similar, but louder, device out of a penny, some Tamara Maslar shows two easy lighting projects to brighten up your living room.

The first project is lanterns. You will need paper lanterns, assorted In this two part video artist, Henry Li, shows you how to make rice paper shikishi board yourself for watercolor painting.

You'll learn and quick and easy way to create your own material to eventually paint with watercolor. This is a great tutorial for all artist maybe looking Learn to make this easy mini paper Uzi gun for gaming with your friends! Scissors, Scotch tape Note: Take one piece of paper and roll it up from top to bottom to make a short tube. Making an AK gun out of paper is quite easy as shown in this video.

In this series, I'll be exploring electromagnetic weapons, how to build them, their function and application to the future, and the amazing possibilities electromagnetism has to offer. First, the electromagnetic pulse generator, or EMP. You've probably heard of these before, a If you're anything like me, you probably rinse your mouth out after you brush your teeth.

I know technically you're supposed to not rinse your mouth out after brushing, but I just can't stand the feel of the excess toothpaste in my mouth. It's a surefire way to dry it out. WonderHowTo is made up of niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one or create your own , get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects. Thanks to all of our active moderators and These easy-to-follow instructional paper craft video clips explain everything from basic paper craft techniques and how to make major parts of the realistic paper crafts, right up to the final assem This thorough tutorial video series demonstrates how to make a beautiful, realistic paper M16A2 gun.

This tutorial is broken up into 8 videos, so be sure to click through all of the chapters for the full tutorial. Paper guns are fun to make and can look very realistic and per This thorough tutorial video series demonstrates how to make a beautiful, realistic paper MP5 gun. This tutorial is broken up into 7 videos, so be sure to click through all of the chapters for the full tutorial.

Paper guns are fun to make and can look very realistic and perfo These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold an easy paper heart Japanese style. Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own easy paper heart. You can also speed up the A lot of people that are new to Origami struggle with the choice of paper.

Some even give up folding all together because they use the wrong material! But this guide will help you find the paper you need for that cool design you always wanted to try.

It all boils down to thre Create your own head turning magic by creating the easy to make paper toy in this how-to video. Make two paper dunce caps, cut out face holes, and stick the prop onto an assistant for this trick. Spinning the paper hats around creates a creepy illusion that the assistant's hea A seasonal how-to for creating easy, perfect paper snowflakes.

This is a fun Christmas craft this holiday season. To begin, start with a square sheet of paper. Fold the sheet corner to corner.

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Jul 08,  · How to Make a Simple Paper Gun. Making a simple paper gun is quick and fun to do. It can make an amusing, safe toy for kids. Or you can use it as a prop in a performance. Best of all, you don't need a license for it. You can even use 61%(21).

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Learn how to make a paper gun with some simple steps given here. It's very easy, and you can even learn to make a paper pistol and other paper crafts.

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Learn how to make a simple and easy paper gun that fires paper bullets. To make this paper gun, just watch the video. Grab some paper, tape, and some scissors and get to folding and cutting a cool paper handgun that shoots paper! How to make a Paper Gun that Shoots - Simple and Easy Here is a simple and easy way to make a paper gun that shoots. The bullets are also made of paper. This is a great toy for kids of all ages. Please be careful not to shoot anyone in the face or eyes because it can hurt them. homemade diy toys

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The origami gun is very easy to make. Follow the photo diagrams below and start folding. Start with a rectangular (or square) piece of paper, and fold it . Any child will enjoy a paper gun pistol, which is safe and fun to use. You won't need to supervise your child when they play with this easy-to-make and.