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What Is External Customer Service?

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❶Top employers understand that delivering a high level of external service to customers requires a strong commitment to internal service to employees.

What Is an External Customer?

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Potential Customers

While every person who enters a store or visits a website has the potential of becoming a customer, many of these types of customers are simply gathering information or browsing. This kind of customer is usually in no hurry to make a purchase, given that there is no urgent need to do so. This is when having a sales message strategy in place can be helpful, so that you can present it to them and more easily make a sale or sign someone up for a service.

This type of customer is the lifeblood of the business and should be respected as such. Because they were satisfied the first time, they returned for more services or products. Therefore, as long as you continue to satisfy their needs, you have a repeat customer. It has been estimated that it can take up to five times more work to replace a loyal customer as it would to simply continue to service them well enough to keep them.

Sale or discount customers always shop for the best deals available on the items they want to purchase. They are a regular fixture at stores to find store-only sales and avidly read newspaper ads, store circulars and pay attention to local deals. They may also conduct price comparisons online before heading out to visit a store.

Most of their purchasing decisions are based upon how high the markdown in a sale is at any given time. He does not know about the manufacturing of the product. He is unaware of the profit earned by the company. External customers get the product for their own use. Maximum price of the product is paid by the External customer. Any product which is being prepared or manufactured in the organization or factory is required to meet the demands of External customer as they are the end users.

Difference between Wind Power and Hydropower. Difference between Debian and Ubuntu. However, some companies place higher emphasis on it within their strategic objectives. To some, providing just enough service to attract customers looking for low-cost solutions is key.

In other businesses, high-level customer service is a primary driver of the company. Nordstrom's, for instance, is recognized in the fashion retail sector for its excellence in personalized customer service. Good external customer service encompasses several elements, including assurance, response time, empathy and consistency.

Assurance means that you back your service delivery with guaranteed satisfaction or similar commitments. Response time means you handle customer inquiries or concerns in a timely manner.

Empathy relates to the genuine concern service reps show for the situation the customer is in. Consistency means that your business should have clear, consistent service standards that all employees understand and routinely follow in handling customer issues.

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External customers are those who see your company mainly as a provider of something they buy. Internal customers participate in your business by actually being a part of it. Valuing External Customers. Without external customers, your company would have no revenue and no reason for being in business.

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External customers use a company’s products or services but are not part of the company. An external customer is an individual who enters the store and buys merchandise. Internal customers are members of an organization who depend on the assistance of one another to accomplish their job.

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External customers are customers out side your business example: diner in a restaurant; People buying groceries in a supermarket; Guests in a hotel; Travellers buying tickets from any airlines; Fashionistas buying clothes in a boutique; As long as it involves people using or buying you goods and services you providing are called external custoners. Transcript of The different types of external customers: Their potential n Groups Thorpe Park has offered discounts on group tickets charging them £ per adult (age 12+) and £ per child if they choose to book online.

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Internal and External Customers. This lesson will consider the internal and external customer, how marketing is used to build and nurture customer relationships, and will begin to build your knowledge on the customer loyalty. So let’s begin by looking at external customers and internal customers. An internal customer is a member of your organization who consumes services provided by your organization that aren't available to external customers. It is common for departments, teams and individuals to view internal stakeholders as their customers.