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American Revolution Vs. French Revolution

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❶Both involved major countries in the revolution even if it was not one, such as in the American Revolution the French help America.

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The American and French Revolutions Essay Sample
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The American Revolution was triggered by the American colonists need for financial independence from the overpowering nation of Great Britain, while the French revolution was a struggle to gain social equality among the masses.

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The American and French revolutions both compare and contrast in their origins and outcomes; both revolutions began due to the common peoples need to obtain independence and liberty from an oppressive government. The American Revolution was triggered by the American /5(10).

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The American Revolution was a huge turning point in American history, and the French Revolution was one of the most important events in the history of the world. The American Revolution started in and ended in Compare and Contrast Essay on the French and American Revolutions: This was an essay designed to explain the similarities and differences on the French and American Revolutions.

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Free Essay: Essay Exam #1 1. The leaders of both the American and French Revolutions declared that their goal was to create a new political system based on. Essay on Comparing The French Revolution and The American Revolution Words | 6 Pages A revolution, by definition, is the overthrow of one government followed by replacement with another.