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US prisons are breeding grounds for violence. These places are supposed to reform inmates into law abiding people. Instead, they turn even the harmless criminals into the most violent ones. One man is sentenced to one year due to drug trafficking. Another man is sentenced to life without parole for several brutal murders. Despite the different levels of their crimes, they could possibly be bunked together in the same cell.

This right here is a prime example of what the DOC will do to hold an inmate down. By involving non-violent criminals with heinous ones, they are creating a situation of fear and defense. The man who is in for excruciating violent behavior could easily try to hurt his cell mate.

He has nothing to lose. Is the man with minor charges expected to not defend himself? When you mix completely different criminals together on purpose, there is going to be an outbreak of violence. Everybody has those weeks where you just feel like you need to get out of the house.

As if staying home doing nothing one more day would just make you rip your hair out. Imagine having to do that for anywhere up to six months or longer. Not just in a wide open house, but in a small, confined cell. No human contact, nothing to keep you busy, sometimes even going hours without food.

This happens daily in the American prison systems. Solitary confinement has been a method used for years in the US. Often these inmates are thrown into a single cell, and basically forgotten about. These prisoners are treated like dogs instead of human beings. Do these officers realize that each one of those men have someone who cares about them?

For every inmate in that facility there is someone who loves them. Another flaw of the DOC is the hiring process of correctional staff. However, I also believe they have much to do with the violent outbreaks. For some officers, this position is like a power trip. While there are many honorable officers, you can tell they love the future of the inmates riding in their hands. Often these officers act just as childish as the prisoners! The requirements to become a correctional officer is to provide security and to enforce the rules, not to contribute to the chaos!

As a new inmate entering the system, there is one factor that everybody recognizes about you…The color of your skin. Instead of providing a place where segregation is at a minimum, prisons all across America are dealing with gang violence and race issues. The level of gangs and cultural groups are so high, that often inmates have no choice but to follow the crowd.

Sure, they could choose not to cooperate in the gang life, but where does that leave them? Then they will become the targets with no defense. The pressure to become accepted is so important in prison survival, that some inmates will throw away their morals just to protect themselves. Prison officials often condone the promotion of racial segregation.

If one person of a specific race was found suspicious, they have the right to lock down every person of the same nationality. This helped a lot in creating interest among professional men in the adoption of new ideas and experiments in.

Thereafter, in the United Nations convened a meeting of the group o. Zimbardo, a psychology professor at Stanford University began researching how prisoners and guards internalize submissive and authoritarian roles.

He placed an ad in the newspaper seeking male college students needed for a study of prison life. The ad attracted seventy-five responses, but only twen.

In particular, it may depend on whether the offender is detected and, if so, how his actions are treated. The possibility of his abandoning criminality or becoming a persistent criminal will depend on the administrative and community responses which will interact to c.

Probation System In U. This is true with the origin of probation as well. In America John Augustus, a shoe-maker of Boston in volunteered to stand bail for a person charged with drunkenness in a local court. The defendant showed signs of reform. The Judge ordered a nominal fine and released the offender. Fascinated by this incident, John Augustus. Many would argue that it is to punish those who have committed wrongs. Yet this should be a secondary function of these institutions.

Their most important function must be to rehabilitate and reintegrate criminals into society so prisons can have a positive effect on inmates. Using punishment to rehabilitate a criminal is analogous to using an ice pack.

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An essay or paper on The Prison Reform: Rehabilitation To Reduce Recidivism. Prison reform is a significant issue for many Americans. The prison population is expanding at a phenomenal rate, often beyond the capacity of the existing system to accommodate the swelling ranks of the incarcerated.

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Prison "Reform" in America In the essay "Prison "Reform" in America," Roger T. Pray points out the much attention that has been devoted to research to help prevent .

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Essay about Prison Reform In America Words | 8 Pages. Prison "Reform" in America In the essay "Prison "Reform" in America," Roger T. Pray points out the much attention that has been devoted to research to help prevent crimes. Essay about prison reform, and prisons are not only is increasingly turning into a mother jones investigation i will analyse,. But the stanford prison overcrowding in the prison inmates were many programs, we can take in honor of .

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Free Essay: Prison Reform In today's society, we are facing many changes. Our own family, neighbors, and countrymen are afraid of many dangers which. The utility of open-prisons as a part of after-care device has been accepted at the international level. The Social Defense section of the United Nations through its literature on the subject convinced the member nations of the usefulness of open institutions as a measure of prison reform.